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Tungsten John
by John Harris

Tungsten John 
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  Heeding the call of the South Nahanni River, John Harris and Vivien Lougheed mounted four expeditions - by bicycle, foot and the occasional crew-cab pick-up - into the glorious, treacherous terrain that surrounds this spectacular waterway and its system of lakes.

The ghostly former mining town of Tungsten is the focal point of our heroes' treks. Hair-raising tales of old-time prospectors and trappers who turned up headless after venturing into the region haunt Harris and Lougheed's routes. Did these men fall victim to the fabled Nahanni Indians, said to be headhunters dwelling in a secret tropical valley fed by hot springs? And what of the McLeod brothers' rumoured motherlode on the Flat River? Harris's investigations, which take him from Victoria to Edmonton to Watson Lake, reveal the strange truths behind the myths. A vivid panorama of twentieth-century Nahanni history emerges. Detailed directions keyed to the narrative provide indispensable aid for would-be Nahanni explorers.

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Author:John Harris
Publisher:New Star Books
Vancouver, B.C.
Publication Date:9/1999
Pages:262 pp


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