Feature and Place Names shown on 'Kloo Lake (NTS 115A13)'

The following 26 feature and place names appear on the map 'Kloo Lake (NTS 115A13)'. Click the link in the Name column to view the list of maps that show the corresponding place or feature.

Name Type Region Coordinates # Maps
Bear Creek River Yukon 60.76°N 137.66°W 2
Bear Creek Unincorporated area Yukon 60.80°N 137.67°W 2
Cripple Creek River Yukon 61.00°N 137.62°W 4
Dezadeash River River Yukon 60.65°N 137.79°W 9
Dixie Creek River Yukon 61.03°N 137.85°W 4
E-Topo: Southern Yukon Collection Yukon 61.50°N 132.00°W 463
Garnet Creek River Yukon 60.92°N 137.38°W 3
Haines Junction Village Yukon 60.75°N 137.51°W 2
Jarvis River River Yukon 60.77°N 138.15°W 8
Kimberley Creek River Yukon 60.86°N 138.07°W 4
Kloo Lake Lake Yukon 60.95°N 137.86°W 2
Kluane Hills Mountain Yukon 61.08°N 138.23°W 8
Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada Conservation area Yukon 60.75°N 139.50°W 47
Kluane Plateau Plain Yukon 61.88°N 140.10°W 61
Kluane Ranges Mountain Yukon 61.12°N 138.38°W 29
Marl Creek River Yukon 60.81°N 137.49°W 3
Mount Archibald Mountain Yukon 60.78°N 137.87°W 2
Mount Decoeli Mountain Yukon 60.84°N 137.88°W 2
Pine Creek River Yukon 60.76°N 137.60°W 2
Ruby Range Mountain Yukon 61.42°N 138.25°W 16
Shakwak Trench Valley Yukon 61.25°N 138.67°W 32
Shakwak Valley Valley Yukon 61.25°N 138.67°W 27
St. Elias Mountains Mountain Yukon 60.55°N 139.47°W 55
Sulphur Lake Lake Yukon 60.95°N 137.96°W 2
Summit Creek River Yukon 60.76°N 137.67°W 2
Yukon Plateau Plain Yukon 62.25°N 137.25°W 353
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