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Ten Rowdy Ravens
by Susan Ewing

Ten Rowdy Ravens 
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  The fun begins when ten rowdy ravens set out on a rambunctious fly-about. They play tricks, get into mischief, find themselves in sticky situations, and make general mayhem. Scenarios are fanciful, but rooted in ravenhood: collecting shiny things, testing curious objects, teasing canids, and showing off in aerial loop-de-loops. Susan’s lively rhyming, alliterative text keeps the game moving and the pages turning, and Evon’s richly detailed and vivacious linocuts bring the birds to life while offering hidden jokes.

At the end of the countdown, readers find several pages of The Daily Kaw which offers “true news from around the raven world.” The Daily Kaw features corvid facts as well as real-life raven stories about the sometimes-too-smart and always imaginative bird. Bernd Heinrich, author of Mind of the Raven and Ravens in Winter, calls the book “an imaginative romp about our favorite trickster.” Ten Rowdy Ravens isn’t just for kids—it’s for raven nuts of all ages. Curriculum guide available from the publisher.

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Price: CDN$ 14.95 (US$ 14.55)
Author:Susan Ewing
Publisher:Alaska Northwest Books
Portland, OR
Publication Date:10/2005
Pages: 32 pp
Size/Dimensions:8 3/8


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