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Hidden Treasures: Amazing Stories of Discovery

Reviewed: September 22, 2003
By: Tina Holdcroft / Illustrated by: Tina Holdcroft
Publisher: Annick Press
32 pages, $8.95

Lots of kids like the idea of treasure. Holdcroft has collected together nine of the best tales and put together two page spreads on each in this little book. They include Tutankhamunís Tomb, Viking gold, pearls, Troy, sunken ships, Ur. Oak Island, a junkyard and , yes, the Klondike Gold Rush.

Each spread is crammed with information in text and pictures, but somehow the comic book style of the the work stops it from looking too busy.

This chatty book is fun but also informative, and Holdcroft has added some references in a kind of bibliography to help the curious. The publisher expects this will work for the 6 to 11 crowd. Thatís probably about right.

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