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Maybe a Bear Ate It!

Reviewed: January 12, 2010
By: story by Robie H. Harris / illustrations by Michael Emberly
Publisher: Orchard Books (Scholastic)
$19.99, $19.99

When this little creature goes to bed he (I think) does so with his favorite book, and when he nods off and in falls from the bed, waking him with a jerk, he is terrified that it has gone missing. All of this takes place before we read a single word. Those that follow are about what might have happened to his precious book. all the things that must be done to find it - which he does in the end.

It was a delightful little tale in 100 words, which is about the same as it took me to get this far in telling you about it. The writing is spare and the art is just about perfect for the subject. It really appealed to the book lover in me.

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