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Look at Me

Reviewed: December 13, 2009
By: story by Robert Munsch / illustrations by Micahel Martchenko
Publisher: Scholastic Books
32 pages, $6.99

The team of Munsch and Martchenko are at it again, giving us the story of Madison, a girl who got more than she bargained for when she had a “small, perfect rose that looks really real” painted on her left cheek at one of those booths that are so popular at parks and fairs.

The problem was the that rose decided it WAS real, and it did was roses do. Soon she had one on each cheek, and then two and the more on her arms and legs and leaves coming out of her ears. It was probably more annoying that most of her family seemed to think that this was just something the painter had done and that there was nothing unusual at all about it.

Only her grandma took here seriously, and only after there were 26 roses all over Madison. They tried several silly (and possibly very dangerous) solutions for getting rid of the roses, but the one that worked was simple and gentle and very ecologically sound.

As usual this pair of creators seem to share a single creative brain when it comes to presenting a story. Martchenko has illustrated most of Munsch’s forty books, and has found time to do 20 or so others, including some that he wrote himself. They are a great team.

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