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Gone with the Wand

Reviewed: November 24, 2009
By: story by Margie Palatina / pictures by Brian Ajhar
Publisher: Orchard Books (Scholastic)
36 pages, $18.99

When Bernice, the godmother of all the fairies, begins to lose her wand’s sparkle, its up to Edith B. Cuspid, the Tooth Fairy either to help her mentor find her magic powers once again, find another way to use what’s left or to put the bippity back in her boppity-boo.

After several unsuccessful attempts to rechannel Bernice’s energies, Edith comes up with a four step plan to help Bernice find her own purpose in life, and once that happens, all is well again.

This is a clever little story, well told and amusingly illustrated. It’s full of little touches that live up to the promise of the pun in the title.

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