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Just a Snowy Day

Reviewed: November 28, 2007
By: Mercer Mayer
Publisher: HarperFestival Books
18 pages, $11.50

According to the copyright information on this book it originally came out in 1983, just in time to be part of the library of Mercer Mayer books that we once had for our kids. Somehow we missed this one. Mayer's gone upscale since those says, when most of his work was in paperback from Western or Scholastic.

This new HarperCollins edition is a sturdy hardcover. I’ve tended to shy away from pop-up and pull-tab books over the years, because the very things that make them attractive to kids also give them a short life span. This day in the life of Little Critter seems to be fairly sturdy. Adults should always manipulate the moving parts for the first few readings just to make sure they move easily.

The plot is simple; we just follow Critter, the cat and the mouse (who is always hiding somewhere on each two page spread) through a day’s fun in the outdoors. You can feel Critter’s boots and the fuzzy linings of his hat and coat, watch the snow fall through a window, open the door to let him out, move his sled up and down a hill, help him gyrate on a frozen pond, open the shower curtain so he can warm up, and tuck him into bed with his fuzzy blanket.

There’s lots of fun in this little book.

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