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The Sandman: Endless Nights

Reviewed: November 18, 2007
By: Neil Gaiman / illustrations by Glenn Fabry, Milo Manara, Miguelanxo Prado, Frank Quitely, P. Craig Russell, Bill Seinkiewicz and Barron Storey
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Neil Gaiman’s reinvention of Dream, or the Sandman, as a member the pantheon of the Endless, which includes Desire, Destiny, Death, Delirium (who was once Delight), Despair and Destruction, occupied much of his creative energy from 1987-1996, and all of the 75 issues of the monthly comic book have been in print in hardcover and paperback collections ever since.

Gaiman has gone on to further fame as a novelist, short story and screenplay writer. His original graphic novel was the source material for last fall’s fantasy film, Stardust, while he was the screenwriter for recent release, Beowulf.

Four years ago he returned to the characters he’d created for the Sandman comic book, and teamed up with a varied collection of artists to produce this book, which was a hardcover original, each story focussing on the aspect of one member of the Endless family.

These are tales of mythic proportions in which Gaiman and his co-creators draw on all sorts of influences from a whole world of fable and legend, including an interesting riff on the origins of the power behind the creation of the Green Lantern Corps of comic book fame.

Once again I am compelled to offer the caution that this excellent collection of graphic stories is not a “funny book” to hand to your children. There is what the television stations laughably refer to as “adult content” in these tales, though here it actually makes sense the way it is presented and is used to advance some pretty complex notions about the world, and the things that are outside the world.

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