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Go Back to Bed

Reviewed: October 2, 2007
By: Ginger Foglesong Guy / illustrations by James Bernardin
Publisher: Carolrhoda Books, Inc.
32 pages, $20.95

“Go back to bed” is what Edwin hears a lot from his parents on this particular night. He didn’t want to go down in the first place, and soon finds a variety of reasons not to stay upstairs. His fantasies about what his parents are up to down there get a little more fantastic with each venture, from cooking in the kitchen to winter sports and water sports in the living room.

As Edwin thinks to himself, early in the story:

“Edwin tossed and turned and thrashed about.

ÔThere’s something going on, and I’m missing out.’”

By turns Edwin is lured downstairs by delicious smells, a stuffy room, being thirsty, and feeling lonesome. It’s the last of these that could perhaps have cured his restlessness if anyone (including Edwin) had noticed that he didn’t have his bear with him. Finding Bear is the cure for the midnight fidgets and all ends well.

The verse is sprightly and amusing. The illustrations are somewhere between realistic and cartoonish, just right for the fantasy elements of Edwin’s fevered imagination.

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