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Reviewed: December 3, 2002
By: Lois Lesynski
Publisher: Annick Press
34 pages, $6.95

Here’s a tale about being careful what you wish for. This is the story of Roxanne, a lovely child who was just a bit uncoordinated, or as the playful rhyming story puts it:

Roxanne was a lovely child …
But clumsy as as an ox -
And every time she played
she got a dozen
nicks and knocks.
“Ouch!” is what they heard her say
a hundred times a day.
and “Ow!”
and “Oops!” out loud
no matter what they’d play.

One day when they are playing by the Magic Wood, Roxanne gets a brain storm and wishes that she were made of stone. As she eventually learns, it would have been better to have wished for a sense of balance. Being Rocksy is fun for a while but it does get old rather quickly, especially when it turns out to be a progressive change and she becomes more and more stony.

She gets rescued with the help of her friends and finally figures out what she should have wished for.

It’s a nice little story with a bouncy rhyme and rhythm and illustrations add to the fun.

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