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The Amazing Spiderman, volume 6: Happy Birthday

Reviewed: September 10, 2004
By: J. Michael Strackzynski / Art by John Romita Jr. & Scott Hanna
134 pages, $21.00

There are a whole bunch of Spiderman books out there, but this one is redefining the character in ways the others are not and is, fortunately, not being forced to tie in with what's going on in the others. To celebrate the character's birthday, JMS decided to run him through the gauntlet of his own career, using an often neglected character, Dr. Strange, as the catalyst. You think you know how and why Peter Parker got his powers? The story this team has been developing since they took on the book a year or so ago will make you wonder. Best to read these in the collected paperback editions. No ads there, and they usually wrap up one story arc. This one covered 6 issue's worth. As they used to say in the letter columns, `Nuff said.

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