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Elliot's Noisy Night

Reviewed: July 30, 2004
By: Andrea Beck
Publisher: Kids Can Press
32 pages, $5.95

Elliot Moose is a stuffed animal who lives in a house with a lot of other stuffies. Elliot has the understanding and emotions of a pre-school child and experiences many of the same fears. Fear of night noises is not exclusive to children of course. Anyone who's been startled by the cracking of timbers shifting of foundations on a 40 below Yukon night can sympathize with Elliot's fears.

Sharing them with others doesn't seem to help in this story. Well, it helps Elliot, but it seems to transfer the fears to everyone else. While Elliot is snuggled in bed coming up with all sorts of safe explanations for the night noises, he is gradually joined by all his friends, who seem to think that there is security in numbers.

Elliot's adventures are delightfully told and rendered by Andrea Beck, who has now produced half a dozen of these books.

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