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On the Road Again--Again

Reviewed: August 2, 2002
By: Andrew Clyde Little (forward by Wayne Rostad)
Publisher: Penumbra Press
206, $24.95

Although Wayne Rostad and the “On the Road Again” crew have visited Dawson several times in the last decade, none of those stories made it into the present book,  probably because it deals with only the first five years of the show’s history, from 1988-93.

The format of the program is to produce mini-biographies of ordinary folk from all over the country and present two of them on each show. This is your life in 15 minutes – minus commercial breaks.

In spite of their brevity, these have often been informative little video essays, and there have been quite a number of them from the Yukon. The only one that made it to this book was the profile of Jim Kenyon, done back in the days when he hadn’t yet moved to the territory full time and when his first love was being a vet rather than a restaurateur.

Little was with the show in its early years, so all of these items date from then. He’s summarized each of the 46 stories as they were originally told and added a paragraph to bring each one up to date. There are also photographs. Little was field producer for the series and, as a camera buff, always took his own pictures for each assignment.

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