Feature and Place Names shown on 'Part of 115G Kluane Lake (NTS 115F)'

The following 135 feature and place names appear on the map 'Part of 115G Kluane Lake (NTS 115F)'. Click the link in the Name column to view the list of maps that show the corresponding place or feature.

Name Type Region Coordinates # Maps
Anderson Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.18°N 140.97°W 2
Avalanche Peak Mountain Yukon 61.24°N 140.75°W 2
Backe Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.21°N 140.32°W 2
Beaver Creek River Yukon 62.46°N 140.65°W 5
Big Boundary Creek River Yukon 61.75°N 140.87°W 2
Boulder Creek River Yukon 61.80°N 140.80°W 2
Brabazon Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.35°N 140.63°W 2
Brooke Creek River Yukon 61.62°N 140.67°W 2
Brooke Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.50°N 140.92°W 2
Bull Creek River Yukon 61.53°N 140.36°W 3
Cache Creek River Yukon 61.75°N 140.97°W 3
Canyon City Unincorporated area Yukon 61.82°N 140.77°W 2
Canyon Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.82°N 140.41°W 2
Cement Creek River Yukon 61.41°N 139.73°W 4
Centennial Range Mountain Yukon 60.97°N 140.65°W 5
Centre Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.81°N 140.99°W 2
Chitina Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.03°N 140.75°W 3
Count Creek River Yukon 61.61°N 140.53°W 4
Crag Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.42°N 140.95°W 2
Dennis Glacier Glacier Yukon 60.90°N 140.38°W 4
E-Topo: Northern Canada and Alaska Collection Nunavut 72.00°N 117.00°W 64
E-Topo: Southern Yukon Collection Yukon 61.50°N 132.00°W 463
Edith Creek River Yukon 61.74°N 140.17°W 2
Edith Creek River Yukon 62.04°N 140.45°W 8
Flat Top Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.79°N 140.95°W 2
Foster Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.20°N 140.12°W 2
Frying Pan Creek River Yukon 62.00°N 140.92°W 4
Generc River River Yukon 61.83°N 140.69°W 3
Gibson Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.25°N 140.08°W 3
Grafe Creek River Yukon 61.80°N 140.03°W 4
Harris Creek River Yukon 61.69°N 140.58°W 3
Hazard Creek River Yukon 61.26°N 140.19°W 2
Hazard Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.26°N 140.33°W 3
Hazel Creek River Yukon 61.92°N 140.54°W 3
Hodgson Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.17°N 140.32°W 2
Hump Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.98°N 140.85°W 2
Ice Fall Peak Mountain Yukon 61.30°N 140.89°W 2
Icefield Ranges Mountain Yukon 61.22°N 140.58°W 35
Kletsan Creek River Yukon 61.67°N 141.00°W 2
Kletsan Hill Mountain Yukon 61.72°N 140.97°W 2
Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada Conservation area Yukon 60.75°N 139.50°W 47
Kluane Plateau Plain Yukon 61.88°N 140.10°W 61
Kluane Ranges Mountain Yukon 61.12°N 138.38°W 29
Klutlan Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.50°N 140.60°W 3
Klutlan River River Yukon 61.83°N 140.69°W 3
Koidern Unincorporated area Yukon 61.98°N 140.49°W 2
Koidern River River Yukon 62.04°N 140.45°W 6
Lake Creek River Yukon 61.80°N 140.04°W 5
Lignite Creek River Yukon 61.87°N 141.00°W 2
Little Boundary Creek River Yukon 61.75°N 140.88°W 2
Long's Creek River Yukon 61.90°N 140.22°W 4
Lower Canyon Valley Yukon 61.97°N 140.53°W 2
Lucania Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.02°N 140.46°W 2
Lynx Creek River Yukon 61.54°N 139.90°W 4
McLellan Creek River Yukon 61.91°N 140.86°W 2
McLennan Creek River Yukon 61.91°N 140.86°W 2
Miles Creek River Yukon 61.95°N 140.56°W 2
Miles Ridge Mountain Yukon 62.00°N 140.67°W 4
Moffat Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.23°N 140.03°W 3
Moose Creek River Yukon 61.90°N 140.60°W 3
Mount Arthur Wheeler Mountain Yukon 61.18°N 140.15°W 2
Mount Black Mountain Yukon 61.24°N 140.67°W 2
Mount Bompas Mountain Yukon 61.40°N 140.60°W 2
Mount Brooke Mountain Yukon 61.50°N 140.95°W 2
Mount Byron Mountain Yukon 61.45°N 140.41°W 2
Mount Coleman Mountain Yukon 61.16°N 140.13°W 2
Mount Constantine Mountain Yukon 61.41°N 140.57°W 2
Mount Craig Mountain Yukon 61.26°N 140.88°W 2
Mount Foster Mountain Yukon 61.16°N 140.05°W 2
Mount Gibson Mountain Yukon 61.23°N 140.09°W 2
Mount Harrison Mountain Yukon 61.08°N 140.09°W 2
Mount Hickson Mountain Yukon 61.18°N 140.06°W 2
Mount Lambart Mountain Yukon 61.52°N 140.97°W 2
Mount Lucania Mountain Yukon 61.02°N 140.46°W 2
Mount Macaulay Mountain Yukon 61.21°N 140.52°W 2
Mount McBride Mountain Yukon 61.30°N 140.45°W 2
Mount McCoubrey Mountain Yukon 61.21°N 140.08°W 2
Mount Moffat Mountain Yukon 61.19°N 140.03°W 2
Mount Oliver Wheeler Mountain Yukon 61.20°N 140.14°W 2
Mount Patterson Mountain Yukon 61.16°N 140.11°W 2
Mount Sampson Mountain Yukon 61.20°N 140.05°W 2
Mount Sibbald Mountain Yukon 61.23°N 140.01°W 2
Mount Slaggard Mountain Yukon 61.18°N 140.58°W 2
Mount Steele Mountain Yukon 61.09°N 140.31°W 2
Mount Strickland Mountain Yukon 61.24°N 140.67°W 2
Mount Taylor Mountain Yukon 61.95°N 140.66°W 2
Mount Walsh Mountain Yukon 61.00°N 140.02°W 2
Mount Wates Mountain Yukon 61.24°N 140.07°W 2
Mount Wood Mountain Yukon 61.23°N 140.51°W 2
Mount Wood Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.32°N 140.58°W 3
Natazhat Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.57°N 140.90°W 2
Nesham Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.38°N 140.85°W 2
North Gemini Mountain Yukon 61.32°N 140.80°W 2
Nutzotin Mountains Mountain Yukon 62.00°N 140.92°W 4
Nutzotin Range Mountain Yukon 62.00°N 140.92°W 4
Ottawa Glacier Glacier Yukon 60.98°N 140.73°W 4
Pan Creek River Yukon 62.00°N 140.92°W 4
Panorama Ridge Mountain Yukon 61.24°N 140.15°W 3
Pickhandle Lake Lake Yukon 61.92°N 140.32°W 2
Promenade Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.32°N 140.12°W 2
Rabbit Creek River Yukon 61.86°N 140.70°W 2
Rabbit Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.85°N 140.96°W 2
Rusty Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.20°N 140.30°W 2
Sanpete Creek River Yukon 62.13°N 140.48°W 5
Sergerent Creek River Yukon 61.74°N 140.19°W 2
Shakwak Trench Valley Yukon 61.25°N 138.67°W 32
Shakwak Valley Valley Yukon 61.25°N 138.67°W 27
Slaggard Ridge Mountain Yukon 61.75°N 140.75°W 3
Snowfield Peak Mountain Yukon 61.25°N 140.81°W 2
Soda Creek River Yukon 61.75°N 140.77°W 2
Solomon Peak Mountain Yukon 61.27°N 140.67°W 2
Solomon Ridge Mountain Yukon 61.73°N 140.82°W 2
South Gemini Mountain Yukon 61.31°N 140.80°W 2
Spring Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.12°N 139.88°W 4
St. Clare Creek River Yukon 61.68°N 140.58°W 4
St. Elias Mountains Mountain Yukon 60.55°N 139.47°W 55
Steele Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.25°N 140.17°W 5
T-Bone Glacier Glacier Yukon 60.98°N 140.93°W 4
Tchawsahmon Creek River Yukon 62.02°N 140.92°W 4
Tchawsahmon Lake Lake Yukon 61.93°N 140.87°W 2
Tchawsahmon Ridge Mountain Yukon 61.97°N 140.95°W 2
Teapot Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.31°N 140.06°W 2
Tempest Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.29°N 140.18°W 2
Tepee Lake Lake Yukon 61.58°N 140.18°W 2
Terrace Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.31°N 140.11°W 2
Trapridge Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.23°N 140.33°W 2
Upper Canyon Valley Yukon 61.78°N 140.81°W 2
Wheeler Glacier Glacier Yukon 61.18°N 140.14°W 2
White River River Yukon 63.18°N 139.59°W 15
Wolf Creek River Yukon 61.90°N 140.22°W 2
Wolf Lake Lake Yukon 61.95°N 140.05°W 2
Wolverine Creek River Yukon 60.19°N 137.65°W 5
Wolverine Lake Lake Yukon 61.94°N 140.36°W 2
Wolverine Plateau Plain Yukon 61.48°N 139.92°W 5
Yukon Plateau Plain Yukon 62.25°N 137.25°W 353
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