Bonnet Plume Lake (NTS 106B)
 (NTS 106B01)  (NTS 106B02)  (NTS 106B04)  (NTS 106B05)  (NTS 106B06)  (NTS 106B08)  (NTS 106B09)  (NTS 106B10)  (NTS 106B11)  (NTS 106B12)  (NTS 106B13)  (NTS 106B14)  (NTS 106B15)  (NTS 106B16) Fourway Pass (NTS 106B07) Misty Creek (NTS 106B03)
Major Places and Features on this Map
Name Type # Maps
Arctic Red River River 24
Backbone Ranges Mountain 33
Backbone Ranges Mountain 80
Bonnet Plume River River 19
Canyon Ranges Mountain 26
Fault Range Mountain 8
Gayna River River 5
Hess Mountains Mountain 40
Mackenzie Mountains Mountain 109
Mackenzie Mountains Mountain 38
Name Type # Maps
Middlecoff River River 8
Mountain River River 12
Nadaleen Range Mountain 13
Orthogonal River Lake 6
Selwyn Mountains Mountain 102
Shattered Range Mountain 13
Snake River River 16
Stewart River River 33
Stone Knife River River 8
Tawu Range Mountain 9

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Map Information
Title Bonnet Plume Lake
Region Northwest Territories
NTS 106B
Scale 1:250,000
Coords. 64.00-65.00°N 130.00-132.00°W
Style Polychrome
Datum NAD27
Hz. Acc. 125m
Vt. Acc. 50m
Price $13.95 Canadian
In Stock 3
The topo map image to the left is not an exact representation. The image is based on the 1:1,000,000 scale map of the Yukon Territory. The actual 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 scale maps have additional detail not shown at the 1:1,000,000 level.
Feature or Place Name:
°N latitude °W longitude
NTS Number:
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