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Adventure Net: #4 The Klondike Ring
by Spalding, Andrea & David

Adventure Net: #4 The Klondike Ring 
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  Adventure Net: #4 The Klondike Ring: Willow and Rick head north to Dawson City, Yukon, in search of adventure while their parents make a documentary on the Gold Rush. When Willow tries her luck panning for gold in a river, she discovers an antique ring. Should she keep it or try to find its owner? Rick finds an old poem stuck in the wall of a cabin. Could it really be by the renowned poet Robert Service? A the two siblings try to unravel these mysteries, they become suspicious that a new friend just might be a thief. Join brother and sister detectives Rick and Willow on their latest adventure! Chapter Book.

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Price: CDN$ 8.95 (US$ 8.71)
Author:Spalding, Andrea & David
Publisher:Whitecap Books
Vancouver, B.C.
Publication Date:2003
Pages:141 pp
Size/Dimensions:7.5 x 5.25 x .5 inches

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