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Alaska - The Sophisticated Wilderness
by Gardey, Jon

Alaska - The Sophisticated Wilderness 
Front Cover

  The first white men to settle in Alaska brought only shovels and axes. Later waves of settlers miners and military men brought bulldozers that tore at the fragile and irreplaceable tundra. Today, the serenity of Alaska's wilderness has been shattered by the oil pipeline that splits the country from north to south.

In this book, Jon Gardey presents a moving and personal account of Alaska its people, its wildlife, its mountains and forests. He describes the conflict between the urgent need for oil and the desire to preserve one of the few great wildernesses remaining on earth.

The author first went to Alaska in the 1950's to climb Mount McKinley and fell in love with the country's wild beauty, and with a woman who later became his wife. For ten years they made their home in Alaska, becoming increasingly aware of the changes advancing technology was making on the country and its people.

Jon Gardey, who trained as a meteorologist at the University of California, is now a professional photographer whose work has appeared in major magazines on both sides of the Atlantic. The magnificent photographs in Alaska reflect his fascination with the country's awesome beauty.

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Author:Gardey, Jon
Publisher:Wilton House Gentry Ltd
Publication Date:1976
Pages:224 pp
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