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by Maclean, Alistair

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  Two of the biggest oilfields in the world, one in Alaska, the other in Canada, are simultaneously threatened with sabotage. The oil flow could be interrupted in any one of thousands of places down the trans-Alaskan pipeline. The Canadian field, in the tar sands of Athabasca, has an unguardable fourteen mile perimeter. More than one million barrels of oil a day are at risk. The security teams can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

The oil companies' best hope lies with Texan Jim Brady and his team of industrial troubleshooters, hastily summoned from warmer climes to Arctic winter of sometimes 60 degrees below zero.

Into this ice-bound hell inexplicable chaos and violence suddenly strike. One of the pump stations on the pipeline is wrecked by an explosion and two engineers are found shot dead. Hours later the field operations manager vanishes. In the Athabasca field, a thirty million dollar dragline is ingeniously disabled and two people are kidnapped.

Who are the saboteurs? What are they after? Their motives are a complete mystery, and their targets, unerringly chosen, fall one by one to the deadly handiwork of a hidden enemy.

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Stock Number:10823AN
Author:Maclean, Alistair
Publisher:William Collins Sons & Co Ltd
St James's Place, London
Publication Date:1980
Pages:252 pp
Size/Dimensions:8vo - over 7
Condition:252 pp,bumped spine & edges,edgeware on jacket,slight soiling to jacket.,Very Good / Good


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