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Salmon's Journey and More Northwest Coast Stories
by Challenger, Robert James

Salmon's Journey and More Northwest Coast Stories 
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  Salmon's Journey and More Northwest Coast Stories: Go along on Salmon's Journey; learn how Hermit Crab found a new home; discover why Halibut always look up; and find out why we should be kind to Snake. Eagle's Spirit shows us how our life's energy lives on forever.

Included in the fourth collection of short stories are:

Salmon's Journey

Red Snapper's Colour

Hermit Crab's Home

Why Halibut Looks Up

Clam's Shell

Kokanee's Sparkle

Robin's Red Feathers

Starfish Becomes a Shining Light

Coyote's Friend

Porcupine's Lesson

Sea Otter's Favour

Snow Bear's Mistake

Seagull Saves the Day

How Dragonfly Flies

Grasshopper's Strength

Flowers for Honeybee

Being Kind to Snake

Wolf Learns to Fish

Eagle's Spirit

Why Jellyfish Never Stops

Fir Tree's Seed

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Weight:0.30 kg
Price: CDN$ 9.95 (US$ 9.68)
Author:Challenger, Robert James
Publisher:Heritage House Publishing Company
Surrey, B.C.
Publication Date:10/2001
Pages:48 pp
Size/Dimensions:8 x 8 x .02
Binding:Soft Cover



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