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Ice Age Sabertooth
by Hehner, Barbara

Ice Age Sabertooth 
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  Ice Age Sabertooth: The enormous curved teeth of the Ice Age Sabertooth make it one of the most fearsome cats the world has ever seen. And because so many of them died in the asphalt pools of what is now known as Rancho La Brea in Lost Angeles, California, scientists know more about them than any other prehistoric cat.

Ice Age Sabertooth tells the story of these terrifying predators in vivid detail – where and how they lived, hunted, and killed their prey.

Author Barbara Hehner takes us back 20,000 years to a time when huge mammoths and giant sloths were stalked by sabertooth cats. She presents fascination information about what these amazing animals looked and sounded like, how they used their deadly jaws and teeth, and what may have caused their extinction. And she describes the techniques and theories that scientists have used to help them understand the ferocious sabertooth cat.

Stunning illustrations by acclaimed artist Mark Hallett dramatically brings to life this fierce cat, the strange creatures it hunted, and he vanished world it inhabited. Color photographs and informative maps and diagrams complete the history of one of the world's most extraordinary cats.

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Price: CDN$ 4.99 (US$ 4.86)
Author:Hehner, Barbara
Publisher:Crown Publishers
New York
Publication Date:2/2002
Pages:32 pp
Size/Dimensions:12.25 x 9.25 x .25 inches



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