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Frontier Spirit - The Brave Women of the Klondike
by Duncan, Jennifer

Frontier Spirit - The Brave Women of the Klondike 
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  Frontier Spirit - The Brave Women of the Klondike: Tells the stories of eight of these extraordinary women. Of Shaaw Tlaa, daughter of Tagish and Tlingit parents and known to the white community as Kate Carmack, who may have been the first woman to find gold in the Klondike. Of the fierce and fearless Belinda Mulroney, who paid her passage north by taking work as a stewardess on a steamer and would up building one of the grandest hotels in the Klondike and making a fortune. And of the Chicago-born patrician Martha Black, who pushed on with her northern adventure even after her young husband decided the trip was too daunting. Martha divorced him and made her home in the Yukon, where she followed her second husband into politics and became only the second woman to sit in the Canadian House of Commons.

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Price: CDN$ 24.95 (US$ 24.28)
Author:Duncan, Jennifer
Publisher:Anchor Canada
Toronto, Ontario
Publication Date:9/2004
Pages:320 pages
Size/Dimensions:9 x 6 x .8 inches
Binding:Trade Paperback


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