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Mountie in Mukluks: Arctic Adventures of Bill White
by White, Patrick

Mountie in Mukluks: Arctic Adventures of Bill White 
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  Mountie in Mukluks: Arctic Adventures of Bill White: In this book, the inspired storytelling of ex-Mountie Bill White brings vivid new life to the myth of the old-time redcoat who travelled the Arctic by dogsled, but readers of Mountie in Mukluks will soon realize they are in the presence of one of the most uncop-like cops who ever built an igloo. His cuss-filled accounts of life in the old North, by turns hair-raising and hilarious, are woven into a moving saga by author Patrick White (no relation), placing Mountie in Mukluks among the best of Arctic adventure tales.

A rancher, trapper and roustabout who joined the RCMP for his own protection after repeated trouble with the law, Bill took basic training in Regina, recalling it as a “modified scouts program” enlivened by bouts of wild drinking. He spent some time wrestling with nude Doukhobor protestors in Saskatchewan before becoming a crewman on the historic RCMP patrol ship St. Roch under the command of the legendary Captain Henry Larsen, but he hungered for greater adventure and requested a posting ashore upon reaching Cambridge Bay in the Central Arctic.

Adventure he found: Mountie in Mukluks bristles with accounts of near-death experience under the ice on a frozen river; of an 1800-km-dog-sled chase on and Arctic murder case and of numerous fascinating encounters with shamans, telepathy and an Inuit way of life that has now vanished from the earth.

Mountie in Mukluks is sure to cause a stir among fans of RCMP and Arctic lore. A natural rebel who preferred the company of Inuit seal hunters to that of his colleagues, Bill serves up a blistering critique of the white settler way of life and its red-coated enforcers, many of whom disdained the traditions of the Inuit while simultaneously relying on them for survival.

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Author:White, Patrick
Publisher:Harbour Publishing
Madeira Park, B.C.
Publication Date:10/2004
Pages:248 pp
Size/Dimensions:9.25 x 6.25 x .75 inches



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