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Wild Animus
by Shapero, Rich

Wild Animus 
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  Wild Animus: How far would you go to find yourself? In Rich Shapero's provocative debut novel, a young man rejects a normal life to follow a wild, inner calling.

Sam Altman, disillusioned with the world of the 60's, has fallen deeply in love with the mysterious Lindy, a young woman who inspires him to seek the foundations of his heart. She understands his quest, and will do anything to help him realize it no matter how dangerous.

Sam's unleashed and increasingly unhinged imagination drives them north to the remote Alaskan wilderness. On the unforgiving ridges of Mt. Wrangell, alone with his wayward ideas, Sam, who has renamed himself Ransom, gradually transforms himself into a ram prey to a pack of strangely familiar wolves.

The mad pursuit leads from the wilds to civilization and back again. And when Ransom and Lindy return to brave the perilous mountain together, the truth behind his imagined transformation emerges. What they discover is those frozen heights threatens their love as well as their sanity and their lives.

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Price: CDN$ 24.95 (US$ 24.28)
Author:Shapero, Rich
Publisher:Too Far
Woodside, California
Publication Date:10/2004
Pages:315 pages
Size/Dimensions:1.25 x 6.75 x 9.5 inches


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