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Of Man and Beast
by Manfred Hoefs (ed)

Of Man and Beast 
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  Yukon's natural wealth—its wildlife, forests, waters, and mountains—sustains a variety of nature-related activities that enhance the lives of many of its residents. It has been estimated that 77% of the population of this territory engages in some form of nature-related activity, be it in a professional context as outfitters, trappers, wilderness guides or nature photographers, or by pursuing outdoor recreational interests such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or watching birds. Wildlife plays a major role in these pursuits. While these activities enhance the quality of life and for the most part are enjoyable, they are not without perils. Potentially dangerous animals, weather extremes, difficult terrain, remoteness and inaccessibility can cause problems with unfortunate and at times tragic consequences. This collection of short stories reflects this possible range of experiences.

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Author:Manfred Hoefs (ed)
Publisher:Amboca Ecological Services
Publication Date:2004
Pages:353 pp
Binding:Trade Paperback


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