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by De Poncins, Gontran

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  Kabloona: “My concern, in this book, is not primarily with my own wanderings or state of mind. My concern is with the Eskimo, with his life and traits, his broodings and ruminations, his invincible serenity in the face of the hardest physical existence lived by man anywhere upon earth. It was because of the simplicity and directness of his existence that I went into the Arctic to live with him; and living with him was not easy. Hardest of all was not the severity of the climate, not the intensity of the cold, not the physical anguish which , often, I endured as every man from the Outside must endure it. The cold was a problem; but a very much more difficult problem was the Eskimo mentality. There was no getting on with the Eskimo except on his own terms; and as I was not a tourist concerned with externals, but a man concerned to find himself with the aid of the Eskimo, I had to get on with him. The Eskimo was not in my eyes an “interesting species” nor was I , in my own mind a diligent “scientist.” The stake was bigger than that. I sought to live the Eskimo life, not to measure it with instruments of precision.”
- Gontran de Poncins

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Author:De Poncins, Gontran
Publisher:Reynal & Hitchcock
Publication Date:1941
Pages:339 pp
Condition:VG/VG 339 pp. 3/4 blue/white boards with minor edgewear; text clean & complete; protected dj shows some wear, but is in nice shape


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