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The Boreal Gourmet - Adventures in Northern Cooking
by Michele Genest

The Boreal Gourmet - Adventures in Northern Cooking 
Front Cover

  A true northern cookbook featuring Yukon flavours and traditions.

“Bring me moose meat! You will not be sorry!” So says Whitehorse author and cook Michele Genest to the hunters in her circle. Wild is wonderful when it comes to Genest’s creative treatments for northern viands, with exciting ideas such as moose cooked in Yukon-brewed espresso stout and finished with chocolate, lime and cilantro, Arctic char marinated in grappa and then hot-smoked, or roasted spruce grouse draped in a sour cream and Madeira sauce. As much culinary adventure story as cookbook, The Boreal Gourmet combines a portrait of northern life with an exploration of wild or “country” foods in gourmet recipes for the home cook. These recipes are inspired by a diversity of countries, traditions and kitchens, and spring from a love affair with the indigenous foods that flourish in the boreal forests and river valleys of the Yukon.

Whitehorse author and chef Michele Genest has recipes for every season supported with information on such northern plants as Artemisia frigida, or pasture sage, and its effect on the flavour of the wild Dall sheep that graze on it, the mysteries of morel mushrooms and tips on where to find them, and advice from Dawson City’s Uncle Berwyn on the proper use of birch syrup.

Taking us from salmon, spruce tips and gourmet greens to recipes for artisanal sourdoughs and festive solstice menus, The Boreal Gourmet is an unprecedented collection to inspire both the serious gourmand (who will want to search out wild ingredients in his or her own backyard) and anyone with an appreciation for the culinary delights available north of sixty.

Praise for The Boreal Gourmet

"The Boreal Gourmet highlights northern ingredients cooked with passion, intelligence and fun. Brava!"
Massimo Capra - Food Network Canada featured host and author of One Pot Italian Cooking

"More than a book of recipes, this is a loving portrait of a neighbourly and resourceful community, and a fascinating introduction to the foodways of the north."
James Chatto - co-author of A Matter of Taste

"Hilarious, big-hearted writing about food gathering and cooking adventures on Canada's boreal frontier. This book is truly Yukon gold."
Margaret Webb - author of Apples to Oysters: A Food Lover's Tour of Canadian Farms

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Price: CDN$ 26.95 (US$ 26.23)
Author:Michele Genest
Publisher:Harbour Publishing
Publication Date:4/2010
Pages:224 pp
Size/Dimensions:8 x 10 inches


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