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Smoke in the Cockpit
by H. J. Smith

Smoke in the Cockpit 
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  The true story of Canadian bush pilot Don “Smokey” Patry is a succession of brave take-offs, daring landings, and high intensity turbulence every minute in-between.

Whether performing an emergency landing in darkness in Canada’s northern wilderness, rebuilding his plane’s engine with a rusty file, or zigzagging a bomber plane across the Atlantic Ocean during World War II, there was never a dull moment in Patry’s career.

Smoke in the Cockpit is Canadian aviation history at its best. Patry, raised in Western Canada, began flying professionally in 1937 over the uncharted mountainous territory of Alberta, BC, and the North West Territories. Destiny uncannily placed him in the thick of the action, and he went from one adventure to the next without fanfare, pause, or concern. Introduced to Patry by his flying partner Jack Sullivan, author H. J. Smith offers this riveting collection of Patry’s high-flying heroics for readers of all ages.

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Price: CDN$ 24.95 (US$ 24.28)
Author:H. J. Smith
Publisher:NeWest Press
Edmonton, AB
Publication Date:9/2006
Pages:176 pp
Size/Dimensions:6 x 9


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