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Recess at 20 Below
by Photographs and text by Cindy Lou Aillaud

Recess at 20 Below 
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  I like to go outside when the air blows softly. Our cheeks get red, our toes get cold and our ears go numb. The snow is soft and it crunches. The trees are covered with snow and the sky is light blue. We play on the equipment and have a good time. óErica Wells, 3rd grade How cold does it have to be before Alaskan kids stay inside for recess? For many schools, if it is colder than 20 below zero, they stay indoors; otherwise, itís outside for frosty fun! This is a photo book with text written from a childís perspective on what kids do during recess at 20 below. We see kids getting ready for recess, putting on layers of outdoor clothing, and then somebody has to go to the bathroom! Going sledding, swinging, running around outside with frosted-up eyelashes and face masks. Then the aftermath: static hair after a hatís been pulled off, red cheeks and noses, etc. Includes views of a moose on the playground, the subdued light of midwinter in the subarctic, and frosty windowpanes in detail shots. RECESS AT 20 BELOW answers those curious questions about living and playing in Alaska, such as: When does winter start? How do you get dressed to go outside? What does that cold feel like? Will your tongue really freeze to metal? Do you ever see wild animals? Young readers will delight in images of peers frolicking in the cold and snow during their favorite time of the school day!

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Author:Photographs and text by Cindy Lou Aillaud
Publisher:Alaska Northwest Books
Publication Date:2005
Pages:32 pp
Size/Dimensions:8 3/8 x 10


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