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Wasáse:Indigenous Pathways of Action and Freedom
by Taiaiake Alfred

Wasáse:Indigenous Pathways of Action and Freedom 
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  The word Wasáse is the Kanienkeha (Mohawk) word for the ancient war dance ceremony of unity, strength, and commitment to action. The author notes, "This book traces the journey of those Indigenous people who have found a way to transcend the colonial identities which are the legacy of our history and live as Onkwehonwe, original people. It is dialogue and reflection on the process of transcending colonialism in a personal and collective sense: making meaningful change in our lives and transforming society by recreating our personalities, regenerating our cultures, and surging against forces that keep us bound to our colonial past."


"Taiaiake Alfred's way is the warrior's way, which is to say that he speaks truly dangerous words about Canadian colonialism, the need for substantive restitution rather than mere recognition of 'Aboriginal rights,' for autonomy rather than dependent forms of 'self-government,' and for peaceful coexistence between and among indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. In this book he rejects Aboriginalism as a legalistic, integrating ideology that destroys individuals and communities, and argues instead for an anarcho-indigenist perspective that is non-capitalist, non-statist, pro-feminist, and based on a sustainable relation to nature." - Richard Day, Queen's University

"This eminent scholar of North American indigenism boldly proposes new strategies for the new warriors of cultural and spiritual resurgence. Taiaiake Alfred does not shy away from the really hard issues of war and peace in a genuinely innovative text embedded in many tens of thousands of years of human history on Turtle Island and in more than five centuries of concerted resistance to the ongoing violence of the Columbian conquests." - Anthony J. Hall, Founding Coordinator of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge and author of The American Empire and the Fourth World

"With each of his books Taiaiake Alfred challenges us to confront the future with new ways of thinking about where we as indigenous communities have been, where we are now and what thinking tools and warrior tools we need to move forward as indigenous nations. This is a book that needs to be read by indigenous leaders, activists, politicians, scholars, community workers, artists, teachers—in fact anyone who sees their future as an indigenous person in an indigenous world." - Linda Smith, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Taiaiake is from Kahnawá:ke in the Mohawk Nation. He is a scholar and journalist known for his passionate and incisive views on politics, a respected orator, and a trusted advisor to many First Nations governments and community organizations. He holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University and is a Professor in the University of Victoria's Indigenous Governance Programs. Taiaiake is the author of two previous books, Heeding the Voices of Our Ancestors and Peace, Power, Righteousness.

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Author:Taiaiake Alfred
Publisher:Broadview Press
Peterborough, ON
Publication Date:11/2005

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