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Diary of a Wilderness Dweller
by Chris Czajkowski

Diary of a Wilderness Dweller 
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  In the late 1980s, Chris Czajkowski left her truck at the end of a logging road 300 kilometres north of Vancouver and hiked for two days on unmarked wilderness trails to the site of what would become her home. This is her account of building three log cabins, an eco-tourism business and a life beside an unnamed lake 5,000 feet high in the Coast Range mountains. This new trade paper edition of Diary of a Wilderness Dweller shares Czajkowski’s adventures from the beginning as she wields chainsaw and axe to forge a different kind of life.
"Czajkowski has nurtured and developed a connection to the earth that most of us can hardly relate to, let alone appreciate … [She] has followed a different path, reminding us of how much we don’t need, and how much we are missing.”
—The Globe & Mail

“As western society becomes increasingly reliant on technology and marches further from its roots, Czajkowski’s books allow us to share a rare, lingering glimpse of frontier life.”
—Vancouver Sun

“Chris transports the reader into the trackless expanse that is her neighbourhood, opening a truly experiential window into the world of those who live alone, far from the concrete canyons that many of us call home.”

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Author: Chris Czajkowski
Publisher:Harbour Publishing
Madeira Park, BC
Publication Date:9/2005
Pages:209 pp
Size/Dimensions: 6 x 9

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