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The Last Giant of Beringia: The Mystery of the Bering Land Bridge
by Dan O'Neill

The Last Giant of Beringia: The Mystery of the Bering Land Bridge 
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  The intriguing theory of a land bridge linking Siberia and Alaska during the coldest pulsations of the Ice Ages had been much debated since the idea was first proposed in 1589. But proof of the land bridge-now named Beringia after eighteenth-century Danish explorer Vitus Bering-eluded scientists until an inquiring geologist named Dave Hopkins emerged from rural New England and set himself to the task of solving the mystery. This compelling blend of science, biography, and history follows the life story of the eclectic Hopkins as he solves this mystery-and creates an international stir that solidified his place in history. An account that is both thrilling and accessible, The Last Giant of Beringia is popular science writing at its best.

"Gripping.... If O'Neill was looking for a scientific mystery, the Bering Land Bridge was a great one."
Anchorage Daily News

"A modest tale, but a satisfying one, an instructive record of an inquiring mind and a life well lived."
Natural History

"An engaging scientific detective story."
Gregg Easterbrook, New Republic

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Author: Dan O'Neill
Publisher: Basic Books
Boulder, CO
Publication Date:9/2005
Pages:231 pp
Size/Dimensions:8.5 x 6 x 1


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