What Pet to Get?

Reviewed: December 28, 2009
By: Emma Dodd
Publisher: Scholastic Books
36 pages, $20.99

Jack wants a pet, but it turns out that Jack has some rather extreme notions of what might be a suitable pet. His mother has to coach him through nine different choices, pointing out the logical problems with each one.

An elephant is too big to take on camping trips. A lion might frighten the mail carrier. A polar bear would not like the central heating. Tyrannosaurus Rex are extinct. Then there’s a giraffe (too tall), a rhino (too wide), a bison (too smelly), a crocodile (too snappy) and a shark (too ... exotic).

Jack settles on a dog in the end, but we’re left to wonder if he’ll make a wise choice there either.

Cute story. Large, colourful pictures and big print for the younger set.