Sally Dog Little

Reviewed: February 14, 2003
By: Story by Bill Richardson
Illustrations by Céline Malépart
Publisher: Annick Press
24 pages, $17.95

When a family gets a pet, it often seems that every member of the family has a different notion of what that pet ought to be and how it should behave. The Little family was no different with Sally Dog when she arrived.

She managed to bark only at burglars for Papa, walks with Mama, and sleep with Twinkle. Everything was going fine until the ghosts showed up. She barked at them, of course, that ghostly pirate and and his phantom dog, but she couldn’t explain why, and no one else could see them, so it made her humans cross.

Sally’s only option was to learn what the ghosts wanted, help them find it, and see them on their way. So that’s what she did.

Bill Richardson (of Richardson’s Roundup) seems to be working his way through the publishers’ lists, working first in adult fiction (the Bachelor Brothers books), next in juvenile (After Hamelin) and now in children’s books. His wry humour is evident in all these areas.

Céline Malépart’s quirky illustrations are a good match for this quirky tale of good dogs and ghosts.