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Peanuts Holiday Treasury

Reviewed: December 13, 2005
By: Charles M. Schulz
Publisher: Simon & Shuster
158 pages, $15.95

Nearly everyone is familiar with the creations of the late Charles Schulz, both the daily newspaper strip and the animated specials based on those characters. Five of the best known of these creations are the ones collected in this anthology.

FromValentine's Day, though Easter, Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving (this is the American sequence, of course) and Christmas, the animation team of Lee Mendelson and Bill Melendez worked with Schulz to produce a series of wise and funny seasonal tales. Those programs have been adapted into the five stories contained in this volume. The stories are not complicated. They are easy reading and will bring back a sense of the programs, all of which are still in regular seasonal rotation.

What would make this book perfect would be if they had released it with a CD of the lovely, jazzy piano tunes that Melendez crafted to go with the shows. You’ll just have to hum along I guess.

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