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Agnes: I Have Tampered With the Divine Plan

Reviewed: August 23, 2005
By: Tony Cochran
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
128 pages, $15.95

Comic strips create their own little universes and run on their own rules. Agnes, of instance, lives in what appears to be a travel trailer in a trailer park, but thereís an awful lot more room in there than it seems there ought to be. Thereís room for Agnes to make messes in the bathroom. There room for that big old couch where she and her friend, Trout, have so many philosophical discussions. And thereís room for her Grandmother, who acts as a wise anchor to Agnesí flights of fancy.

Whether in school, in the park, at the pool† or at home, Agnes is a lot of fun to read and chuckle at. Iím happy to see these collections appearing because the big city papers in which Iíve seen this strip pack them in so densely that you need a magnifying glass to read them. These Andrews McMeel offerings give you a chance to actually see how clever the artwork is.

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