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Cappuccina Goes to Town

Reviewed: March 29, 2005
By: story by Mary Anne Smith and Katie Smith Milgray / illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes
Publisher: Kids Can Press
32 pages, $6.95

The fish out of water, or stranger in a strange land story always makes for a good tale if it’s well handled. In this one Cappuccina, the discontented cow, makes a break for the city when she finds a hole in the fence at the Fiori farm.

She wants to do what people do, so she goes shopping. She doesn’t want to be a cow, so she refuses to say "Moooo", managing to turn it into "Blooooo" instead.

She shops for "bloooo" shoes, a dress, a hat and a few other things, none of which work out for her due to the obvious obstacles that a four hoofed, horned quadruped with a tail might face in dealing with human apparel.

It’s a clever hairdresser who finally satisfies her desires with a nice blue ribbon for her tail.

After all that Cappuccina is very hungry. We might have expected her to try out some human food, but she breezes past all the obvious places. She knows just what she wants and she knows where to find it. She goes home, and is happy enough to Mooo once she gets a good meal of crunchy hay and sweet alfalfa inside her.

This is a first book from the Smith mother-daughter team and it’s a clever one. Fernandes has illustrated a number of books, both her own and other peoples’.

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