Backstage Vancouver A Century of Entertainment Legends

Reviewed: March 16, 2005
By: Greg Potter and Red Robinson
Publisher: Harbour Publishing
192 pages, $39.95

If youíre at all curious about show biz history in tinsel town north, then this coffee table book, co-authored Robinson, one of Canadaís first DJ personalities, will help you scratch that itch. Itís a book full of tidbits and lots of name dropping about the American show biz elite who were just passing through, but there do get to be more and more Canadian names as you reach the last few chapters of the book.

As for the century, it does cover one, from the opening of the Vancouver Opera House in 1891 to the reign of Nickelback, Matthew Good, Sarah McLachlan and Diana Krall in 2004.

Lots of pictures make this book a good browser.