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Adventure • Net: The Silver Boulder

Reviewed: September 27, 2002
By: David & Andrea Spalding
Publisher: Whitecap Books
142 Pages, $8.95

In the second of their adventures Rick and Willow Forster find themselves in Kaslo, B.C., in the heart of mining country and hot on the trail of a lost silver boulder. They first encounter the legend through Dusty Malone, an eccentric fellow who seems harmless enough in the beginning. He tells them one part of a local legend of lost wealth, but in time they discover there’s more to it than Dusty let on.

The rest of the story lies with Melissa, the granddaughter of a Japanese-Canadian internee who was forced to live in the Kaslo area during World War Two. She’s returned to Kaslo after his death, seeking to vindicate hiss memory.

The ensuing adventure involves them all in a search for a map, a race for treasure and a wild boat ride on the lake.

As usual in this series, there are numerous text side-bars revealing the facts behind the story (prospecting, tall tales, internment, etc.) and listing websites that will allow the young reader to look up some of this stuff for him or herself.

The fourth of this series will be set in Dawson, where the authors recently spent three months as writers in residence at Berton House.

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