Bucky Katt's Big Book of Fun

Reviewed: October 8, 2004
By: Darby Conley
Publisher: Andrews and McMeel
252 pages, $24.95

Get Fuzzy is a strip that I really wish one of our local papers would carry. It's kind of like a head-on collision between Bloom County, Garfield, and Calvin and Hobbes. Its main characters are Rob Wilco, who works in advertising, and his house guests, a pair of talking animals. The lovable pooch is Satchel, a shar-pei/labrador cross with the brains of a bowl of yogurt, and Bucky, a Siamese with one tooth (fang?) and an attitude problem.

One of the conceits of the is that Rob's not the only one who can hear them talking.

There's a lot of cat & dog stuff. There's Satchel's extreme literal mindedness. There's Bucky's total self-absorption. There's Rob, who is sort of like the Bob Newheart of the strip, the fairly normal fellow surrounded by chaos and weirdness.

Sample scene: a totally destroyed kitchen with pots and pans all over and some substance running down the walls, on which a "Home Sweet Home" sign hangs askew.

Bucky (dripping wet) : Let us never speak of this so-called 'instant pudding' again.

Satchel (band aid on forlorn nose): Agreed.

Most of these books get read in our bathroom, and I had to keep going there to find my wife during the month it took to read a year's worth of strips (colour pages included).