The New Yorker Book of Literary Cartoons

Reviewed: March 12, 2004
By: edited by Bob Mankoff
Publisher: Pocket Books
104 pages, $0.00


• a man standing among “first editions” section of a used bookstore, holding a large stone tablet ...

• the ad for Hernia - the latest blockbuster by Stephen King ...

• mobsters bimbo looking around a vacant apartment filled with bookshelves: “Holy cow! What kind of crazy people used to live here anyway?”

• a different way of arranging the books in a store: small, medium. large ...

• scene in large book store: “We have a calendar based on the book, stationary based on the book, an audio tape of the book, and a videotape of the movie based on the book, but we don’t have the book.”

If you’re a reader you’ll get a kink out of this collection. ‘Nuff said.