40 below a look from under the ice air pocket in ice animal tracks in the snow blue sky winter cabin breakup bushes in snow cabin through field of snow cabin through the trees close up of frost close up of snow on tree cluster of poles crack in the ice digging out the railway tracks winter doorway under snow draped snow draped snow 2 draped snow 3 frost frost on plant frozen breakup frozen pattern on window frozen waterfall grass on snow background highlighted snow houses in snow ice bike ice crystals ice forest ice shape ice waterfall iced chainlink iceferns icy pot impressions in ice in the ditch kids on winter road lights trees snow lip in snow cover looking through ice man in cabin man shovelling man walking under winter bridge melt closeup melting ice opening under ice surface paw tracks in snow person walking away in the snow powder snow on ledge reflection of bush in snow river ice chunks sled on winter road snow snow2 snow drift against wall snow drift by house snow shadow snow spruce snow views1 snow views2 snowgate snowmobile race snowscape snowy cabins snowy dock snowy lane with water snowy playground snowy playground 2 snowy riverbank the sky is that colour the water is somewhere this is winter timmy's at dusk tires on a sled train car in winter two snowmobiles wind blown snow wind blown snow1 wind blown snow2 winter cabin winter cabin 2 winter fog winter forest winter merge winter pine winter scene winter trees and plants winter view winter yukon river wooden boat filled with snow yukon grey yukon quest start main street