2 guys on main street 2 men outside cabin 2 women at window 98wedding1 98wedding2 98wedding3 98wedding4 a cold day a crevassette  maybe a smile a photo and a microphone a smiling face aboriginal day2000 aboriginal day 2000 ahh mugs another three antique car serenade any umbrellas artshow1 artshow2 artshow3 asian woman in hat at the podium award presentation awg airport awg airport 2 awg athletes awg crowd b&w 2guys b&w portrait1 b&w portrait2 b&w portrait3 baby bartender bicycle billboard boa singer boat motor boat boot check bucking bronco buffet bull riding bull riding 2 bull riding 3 bundled up bundled up 2 cabaret 1 cabaret 2 calling yououuuouuuu calm before the tug campfire people1 campfire people2 canada day cake canada day mountie canada day parade canadian ranger canadian rope trick canoe on the water2 canoeists in whitewater captain canine challenge of the north check jacket string vest child of the city child with pins children sitting on a hill cinnamon women close up of man clown and people coffee break coffee drummer construction digging couple in kitchen cowboy hats on stage crocuses and deadwood dancers on top of plane dock drinking beer drinks table drumming & dancing dude with yukon oakleys eating out enjoying a cold one face off face painting fall in family by loco farmer final action river trip 1 final action river trip 2 final action river trip 3 final action river trip 4 final action river trip 5 final action river trip 6 final action river trip 7 final action river trip 8 final action river trip 9 first july stage first nations lady in the dark focus on flowers fox party 1 fox party 2 fox party 3 fox party 4 fox party 5 fox party 6 frank turner full astern gallery necktie gallery visitors garden party gathering gentleman sitting in kitchen girl kneeling with thermometer girl with scarf girls dancing at festival grader driver group at  table group on sidewalk group shot halloween we hope happy group harpo harrison at work harrison gathering 1 harrison gathering 2 harrison gathering 3 harrison gathering 4 harrison gathering 5 have a break head painting during rendezvous high country speaker high country speaker2 high country speaker3 hiker by pond hockey howard chymy husky & friend i tell you identity parade in a w in the spotlight in the yard in timmy's indoor soccer inflatable boat is my hair ok it was this big it weren't like that then jim robb signing jim robb working joe judge in winter kayaker1 kayaker2 kids playing kids playing at whitehorse elementary kk seance knifemaker korean visitors 1 korean visitors 2 lady of leisure lead dog with driver 35 below left hand down a bit levitation main street guy man and boy man and dog in the woods man and horse man and machinery man at cabin door man at front entrance to cabin man behind camper man by fallen cabin door man by rib salmon man by truck man cutting fish man dancing feather in hair man getting ready to eat man in a w man in front of half cabin man in fur costume man in fur hat man in furs man in glasses man in grey shirt man in hat and overcoat man in jean jacket man in kitchen man in plaid man in plaid shirt man in sunglasses man in window man in window with empty glass bottles man on main man playing guitar man sitting on canoe man sitting on dock man sitting with smile man viewing photos man wearing captin hat man with aw in back man with aw mug man with aw mug 2 man with books man with dogs man with frost on window man with glasses man with paddle man with pink shirt man with puppy3 man with quilty coat man with rendezvous badge man with sunglasses man working matthew lien meet the musher meet the mushers miner miss dannzha miss ge monochrome group montreal woman mr&mrs 2000 mr & mrs musician on main musicians native games native singers not a good day ok heres the plan on stage on stilts on the steps on the water 1 on the water 2 on the water 3 panning panning for gold park lineup party food partygoers pat eagan pause in communication people biking in dawson city people by train people walking on main street performance person with backpack on path person with dogs peter ledwidge photographer photographer2 photographer3 photography piano player pilots pilots2 plaid in front plaid shirt man poster boy presentation pull the string puppy people quest bib10 quest bib28 quest group quest group2 quest hat quest line race officials rangers at work rangers group shot rcmp inspection ready to go relaxing streetside rememberance day rendezvous trio rodeo cowboy 1 rodeo cowboy 2 rotary park people sack race saw in hand shadow and light sharon chatterton with dick person sitting in front of fireweed sixpack1 sixpack2 sixpack3 sixpack4 sixpack5 small child on ladder smokes on a bike snowbird party snowbird pilot soccer break soccer goalie soccer players someone on the riverbank sourdough sam stage in tent stage lights sticks and twine storytelling stretcher bearers sunny day on main swimmers tagish anne and friends taking aim tea and cake thats a hat the band the dancer three hats three men on a raft three of a kind three people three people walking three two dogs three with juice touch of the leonardos trudeau & christensen two in a canoe two men talking two men working two people two women in hats two women leaving house uhhhhh unknown man holding book uphill visitor visitors with jim robb1 visitors with jim robb2 washing wedding98 1 wedding98 2 who pays the pipers whoa there winter games crowd woman  in  hat woman at computer woman at railing woman at window woman in period costume in junky room woman in rotary park woman in the backseat woman looking out of  window 1 woman looking out of  window 2 woman on bench woman on gravel woman outside macs woman photographer woman walking in valley woman with little girl woman with scarf women at computer women in dress in cabin doorway women in river woodwork1 woodwork2 wpyr 2000 wpyr loco wpyr tent yeeesss you ok back there young man with long hair young child with husky pups young gerry yukon jumper